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Fund news
House for the cats of the "Manana" shelter ​

In the shelter located in the Kyiv region, there are 120 cats. The animals...

Fund news
Creativity that heals animals

Happy Paw and Art Studio INSPIRATION invite you to help animals by creating art...

Fund news
Construction of enclosures for evacuated dogs

Happy Paw built a complex of enclosures for the Lada shelter, which evacuated its...

Fund news
Tasty aid for cats in shelters

In September, Happy Paw and Purina Ukraine launched the campaign " Kilograms of happiness...

Fund news
Free neutering of homeless animals in cities and villages of Ukraine

Due to the full-scale war, the number of homeless animals on the streets of...

Fund news
Reconstruction in an evacuated shelter

Because of the war, 80 cats from the shelter in Kostyantynivka (Donetsk region) were...

Fund news
New Enclosure Complexes for "Misto sobak" shelter

Happy Paw completed the construction of three complexes of enclosures for 18 dogs from...

Fund news
Renovation of a room for cats in the shelter "Kotofei"

Despite the proximity to the front, the Nikopol shelter "Kotofei" continues to care for...

Fund news
Provided Animals in Shelters with Vital Vaccinations

495 dogs and 345 cats from 9 shelters received complex doses of Duramune and...

Fund news
Providing Shelter Animals with Medications

Thanks to the support of German partners, Happy Paw purchased 1,573 medicines for animals...