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Remote Guardianship

The purpose of the project

Animals should not live on the streets. In order to make their lives better, the Foundation collaborate with animal shelters where dogs and cats are fed, warm and safe. You can become a part of it! Join the Remote Guardianship project and support animals in Ukrainian shelters.

How does the Fund implement the project

For a comfortable life in the shelter, dogs and cats first of all need food, medicines, warm booths, etc. Those Foundation's benefactors, who became Guardians remotely, help to ensure this. Monthly payment from Guardians helps to provide dogs and cats in shelters with food and medications. In order to make the life of animals in shelters better, we invite all those who want to be a help.

In the Guardianship section, you can select an animal and transfer funds monthly. The cost of custody depends on the size and the needs of the pet you choose.

Check out the rules of the project here.


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