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The "Bioethics" project is a unique educational and educational project in Ukraine devoted to the education of children in a humane and responsible attitude towards animals. The main components of the project:

  1. Teaching kindness in kindergartens.
  2. Lessons of kindness in institutions of general secondary education.
  3. International and All-Ukrainian promotions.
  4. All-Ukrainian competitions.
  5. Excursions to shelters.

Every year, as part of the project, the International Lesson of Kindness (in schools) and the International Lesson of Kindness (in kindergartens) are held, to which all interested educational institutions can join. In 2019, during the All-Ukrainian lesson of kindness, we set the national record of Ukraine "The largest number of lessons of kindness", which has not been broken even today.

The unique board game "Happy paw" created by us already educates students of more than 1,700 schools in Ukraine to have a responsible attitude towards animals. All educational institutions received the game as a gift for their activity and good deeds.

We closely cooperate with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Departments of Education, the National Ecological and Naturalistic Center for Pupil Youth, more than 5,000 educational institutions of preschool and general secondary education of Ukraine, foreign schools, shelters, animal protection organizations and volunteers, large Ukrainian companies.

We never stop and do everything we can so that our children become a model of culture in the treatment of animals. We will be glad to cooperate: Together we make this world a kinder place!

General partners