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Shelter Guardianship

What kind of help is the most needed by animals in shelters? We here in Happy Paw believe that this is a regular support! 

Guarding shelters from Happy Paw enables us to satisfy part of the basic needs of stray animals, which allows shelters to count on regular monthly support for cats and dogs. And the money that the shelters accumulate on their own are directed to solving other crucial problems.

What should you know to become a shelter guardian?

  1. Register at the Foundation’s website: (30 seconds);
  2. Choose a shelter you like in "Help to Animals - Care of shelters" Section
  3. In a shelter’s profile, click "Become a Guardian" button and choose the sum of monthly support (fixed sum or enter your own sum)
  4. Pay for keeping animals in the shelter on our website

What is the money paid for the shelter guardianship subscription used for?

Every month, Happy Paw buys everything needed for help to animals from shelters under its care. Depending on the shelter’s request, it can be food, medicines, treatments against parasites, household goods or ammunition.

You can see reports on the assistance received every month on the pages of the Foundation and shelters that are under guardianship. Besides, the Project Manager will send “greetings from our tailed friends” that are under guardianship as well as the shelter news.

Become a guardian - help animals!

Corporate shelter guardianship for brands and individuals

Your company is eager to fulfill its social corporate responsibility by supporting humane preservation of the ecosystem and stray animals?

Join the Corporate Guardianship of Animals or Shelters arranged by Happy Paw and strengthen your brand reputation!
Your company’s name in social networks of the Foundation and in shelters, corporate trips or branded aviaries - learn the details of cooperation in the partnership offers of Corporate Guardianship by mailing to:


General partners