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"Full Belly Start" for pets from shelters

"The Full Belly Start" is a joint project of Happy Paw and Purina Ukraine, aimed at promoting a culture of responsible animal care in society and popularizing and encouraging the adoption of shelter animals into new families.

Each dog or cat from Happy Paw's partner shelters participating in the project is sent to their new homes with a one-month supply of food from Purina.

The foundation considers the participation of shelters in the project on a case-by-case basis and gives preference to shelters that:

  • list their wards on the website at;
  • are interested in and actively facilitate animal placements in families;
  • promptly receive food under the project (once a quarter) and ensure its transfer to the new owners of the adopted animals;
  • report monthly on the number of adopted animals and the "Full Belly Start" project on their social media.

Thanks to the "Full Belly Start," since 2022, 4055 cats and dogs from Happy Paw's partner shelters have found loving families.

All shelters participating in the project can be found on the foundation's website under the "Full Belly Start" filter at

In 2024, the following shelters are participating in the project:

  • 9 Lives, Kyiv
  • Stray's Home, Kyiv
  • Temporary Shelter at VDNKh, Kyiv
  • Irina Dobrolyubova Shelter, Kyiv
  • Hostomel Shelter
  • Homeless World, Bila Tserkva
  • Best Friends, Makariv District
  • Cat in Boots, Pereyaslav
  • Wet Noses. Kitten's Home, Poltava
  • Good Heart, Hlukhiv
  • Animal Friends, Konotop
  • Grateful Paw, Novoukrainka
  • Hope for a Home, Zdolbuniv
  • Save a Life, Khmelnytskyi
  • Cirque's Home, Kalush
  • Step, Brody
  • Bim, Kropyvnytskyi
  • Happy Dog, Kropyvnytskyi
  • Bim, Kropyvnytskyi
  • Beloved Strays, Kremenchuk District
  • Giving Hope, Pavlograd
  • Pegasus, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
  • Cat Lovers, Nikopol
  • Chance for Life, Nikopol
  • Best Friend, Kryvyi Rih
  • Ray of Life, Kryvyi Rih
  • House of Hope, Kharkiv
  • Dog Life, Zaporizhzhia
  • Chance, Zaporizhzhia
  • Friend, Cherkasy
  • Life, Cherkasy
  • Ark-Odesa
  • Unbreakables, Kherson

We are infinitely grateful to the partners who support the desire to popularize the adoption of shelter animals by providing delicious assistance to adopted animals. Together, we improve the lives of homeless animals!