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Happy Paw Progress Report for the Year 2023

Let us share the results of Happy Paw’s annual progress as well as progress of all donors who share the Foundation’s values and strive for every stray animal to have a dignified life and a loving home

In 2023, we all together:

— raised 54,177,594 UAH from the sources below:

  • Grants (international donors) 52.08%
  • Legal entities (partners, companies) 7.33%
  • Individuals (your donations) 40.60%

118,828,464 UAH were directed to help animals:

  • 64,108,684 UAH in non-monetary equivalent (humanitarian food, equipment, etc.)
  • 54,719,780 UAH — the Foundation’s financial expenses for:
  • Remote guardianship 5.75%

3,143,994 UAH

  • Purchasing food for animals 14.54%

7,954,082 UAH

  • Neutering 28.92%

15,827,019 UAH

  • Reconstructing and improving animal keeping conditions 26.12%


  • Treating seriously ill animals and purchasing medicines 6.06%

3,314,027 UAH

  • Logistics 4.69%

2,568,649 UAH

  • Bioethics and PR 7.13%

3,902,866 UAH

  • Administrative expenses 6.79%


— For the whole year, more than 90,000 cats and dogs, cared for by more than 350 animal protection organizations, shelters and volunteers, received help.

774,834.39 kg of food was received, purchased and given to stray cats and dogs.

Among this — 483,272 kg of humanitarian aid.

77 seriously ill animals were treated and 62,262 medicines (treatments, vaccines and other medicines) were provided to shelters for the animals.

506 animals from 12 shelters are under the care of Happy Paw, and during the year, thanks to the guardians, we gave the animals 71,837.91 kg of food.

20,108 stray animals were neutered under the Neutering Program.

3,051 animals found home under the Feedy Start Adoption Project.

1,500,000 children and adults joined the Bioethics Project dedicated to humane and responsible treatment of animals.

As part of the Project, during the year we arranged:

  • 16,467 Humaneness Lessons in 2,695 educational institutions
  • 6,680 Humaneness Lessons in 1,848 kindergartens
  • 3 promotional campaigns, 3 contests and 3 flash mobs

— Facilities and premises in 17 shelters were rebuilt or repaired.

— 79 aviaries were built, 732 dog houses, 53 recirculators, 39 heaters, 8 stoves, 51 cages/carriers, 325 beds, and 737 m3 of firewood were purchased.

Thanks to your support, Happy Paw feeds animals in frontline areas, saves lives of seriously ill animals, rebuilds shelters destroyed by inhumane people, and sterilizes lost and abandoned cats and dogs to prevent the ecological disaster in Ukraine.

We convert pain into helping animals and we do everything we can to ensure that your support reaches the paws of those who cannot take care of themselves:

We send hugs to each of you! And we believe in our Victory!