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Results of the "Holiday with a tail" campaign

Minus on the street - plus in the hearts! Results of the campaign "Holidays with a Tail" from the EVA store chain and Happy Paw

Thanks to the support of EVA store customers, the winter was made more comfortable for 22,365 cats and dogs from 74 shelters located in 17 regions of Ukraine.

In 2 months, the "Holidays with a Tail" initiative raised 2,365,470 hryvnias. Almost 2 million were donated by EVA customers through the network's cash registers, 260,000 hryvnias were contributed as a financial contribution by the company itself, and over 100,000 were collected online through the project's website.

Almost 260,000 customers of the EVA store chain participated in the collection. The most active donors were buyers from Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, and Odesa regions, with the largest donation amounting to 1078 hryvnias.

With the funds raised, the following items were purchased:

— 317 dog houses,



  • 428 cubic meters of firewood,
  • 14 tons of coal and fuel briquettes,



  • 305 beds



  • 10 electric convection heaters,
  • 3 stoves,
  • 6 electric warming mats.


Shelters that received aid:

  • Bezprytulnyi Svit, Kyiv region
  • Best Friend, Fasova
  • Brati Nashi Menshi, Kyiv region
  • V Dobri Ruky, Vyshneve
  • Vdyachna Lapa, Novoukrainka
  • Vidrodzhennya, Deremezna
  • Vikno v Zhyttia, Dnipro
  • Virnist, Dnipro
  • Vryatui Zhyttya, Khmelnytskyi
  • Vryatuite Nashi Dushi, Hadyach
  • Vukhastyky-Pukhnastyky, Zaporizhzhia
  • Horod Sobak, Mykolaiv
  • Hostomel'skyi prytulok
  • Gurtozhytok dlia tvaryn 33 Kotyka, Kharkiv region
  • Dai Lapu, Druhe, Zaporizhzhia
  • Dai Lapu, Znamianka
  • Dai Shans, Sloviansk
  • Daruiuchi Nadiiu, prytulok kotiv Tetiany Blyznychenko
  • Deviat Zhyttiv, Kyiv
  • Dim vryatovanykh tvaryn Feia, Kryvyi Rih
  • Dim dlia tvaryn, Khodosiivka
  • Dim Kotiv, Razhomyshl
  • Dim Sirka, Kalush
  • Dobre Sertse, Hlukhiv
  • Dobre Sertse, Dmytruk Tetiana, Kropyvnytskyi
  • Dobre Sertse, Shostka
  • Dog Life, Zaporizhzhia
  • Druh, Dnipro
  • Druh, Cherkasy
  • Druzi tvaryn, Konotop
  • Zhyttia v Doloniah, Dnipro
  • Zaporizka Zoozakhysna Liha
  • Zakhyst tvaryn plus, Boyarka
  • Zoomista, Dobropillia
  • Zoorai, Pokrov
  • Kovcheg-Odesa
  • Kostiantynivske Tovarystvo Zakhystu Tvaryn
  • Kotofei, Nikopol
  • Kokhani Bezkhatchenky
  • Krashchy Druh, Kryvyi Rih
  • Krok do tvaryn, Kamianka
  • Lada, Bakhmut-Dnipropetrovsk region
  • Laska, Dnipro
  • Lisovyi, Ivano-Frankivsk region
  • Maemo Pravo-2, Lozova
  • Manana, Kyiv region
  • Novyi Svit, Kryvyi Rih
  • Otrymai Druha, Odesa region
  • Pegas, Dnipropetrovsk region
  • Pes Mokryi Nis, Dobropillia
  • Planeta, Vinnytsia
  • Pokrovske Tovarystvo Zakhystu Tvaryn
  • Poriatunok Tvaryn Kharkiv
  • Posmishka Tvaryny, Kryvyi Rih
  • Pravo na Zhyttia, Lubny
  • Pravo na Zhyttia, Sumy
  • Pravo na Nove Zhyttia (Miav Hav), Dnipro
  • Prytulok Iryny Revuts'koi, Zaporizhzhia
  • Prytulok Kni︠a︡zevoï Anastasii, Nikopol
  • Prytulok Larysy Lastochky, Zaporizhzhia
  • Prytulok Niny Rozovskoi, Zaporizhzhia
  • Serce Druha, Uman
  • Sirius, Kyiv region
  • Sluzhba Zakhystu Tvaryn Zaporizhzhia
  • Step, Brody
  • Sumske Tovarystvo Zakhystu Tvaryn
  • Tovarystvo Zakhystu Tvaryn SOS, Kyiv
  • Liubleni Tvaryny, Kamianske
  • Kheppy Teils, Zaporizhzhia
  • Chotyri Lapy, Bobrynets
  • Chotyri Lapy, Kherson
  • Shans, Zaporizhzhia
  • Schaslyvyi Pes, Kropyvnytskyi

Reminder that in November, EVA and Happy Paw launched a project to help animals in shelters. More details about the project can be found below.

Everyone dreams of spending the holidays in warmth, with delicious food on the table and loved ones nearby. Animals are not much different from us in this desire.

But for homeless cats and dogs in shelters, winter holidays are incomparable to those rare happy days when the bowl is full of food, the stove warms their paws, and there is a person for walks and games.

Therefore, the EVA store chain and the Happy Paw foundation launched the "Holidays with a Tail" project, where you can create your own virtual version of a warm and festive dog and cat home and at the same time warm real animals in shelters.

On the project's website, there is an interactive fundraiser for shelter insulation, where users can:

  • choose a real cat or dog they want to warm
  • choose a style for the animal's house so that the tail can spend winter in warmth and care
  • add elements of coziness to the house: firewood, food, or a bed Each insulation option helps real animals in shelters to survive the winter in warmth, kindness, and comfort.


The goal of the initiative is to raise 1 million hryvnias for the insulation of animal shelters, specifically for new comfortable dog houses, firewood, heaters, and stoves for cooking and heating premises.

Anyone can help achieve the fundraising goal by creating an online warm home for an animal on the project's website or by making a donation at the cash register of any EVA store.

These funds will help purchase necessary items to improve the lives of homeless cats and dogs from over 30 shelters across Ukraine.

The "Holidays with a Tail" project to help homeless animals is being implemented by the EVA store chain for the fourth consecutive year. Find out how many animals in shelters were warmed last year, in 2022.

Official rules of the project:

  1. General provisions.

1.1. The organizers of the joint charity initiative "Holidays with a Tail" are Limited Liability Company "RUSH," identification code 32007740, located at 49101, Dnipro, Volodymyra Antonovycha Street, b. 6, and Charitable Organization "Charitable Foundation "Happy Paw," identification code 38266276, located at Rustaveli Street, 44, 3rd floor, office 7, Kyiv (hereinafter referred to as "Organizers").

  1. General conditions of the charity initiative.

2.1. General description: "Holidays with a Tail" is a joint charity initiative of LLC "RUSH" and CO "Charitable Foundation "Happy Paw," which provides EVA store customers with the opportunity to transfer any voluntary donation amount at the store's checkout for the implementation of the "Holidays with a Tail" project, specifically for the insulation of animal shelters. 2.2. Voluntary donations should be in multiples of 1 hryvnia, without kopecks (1 hryvnia, 7 hryvnias, 10 hryvnias, 30 hryvnias, 50 hryvnias, etc., without limitation). The transfer of funds in the receipt is marked separately with the note "Holidays with a Tail." 2.3. Payment can be made by card or in cash. Payment with gift certificates, electronic wallets, loyalty program bonuses is not possible. The client cannot transfer change from their purchase to the fund. 2.4. Venue of the initiative: all EVA store chain locations (in Ukraine, except temporarily occupied territories, territories located in the area of military operations, or temporarily occupied, surrounded, blocked settlements, in territories where state authorities temporarily do not exercise their powers). 2.5. Duration: from November 4, 2023, to December 31, 2023, inclusive. The project may be prematurely completed or extended at the decision of LLC "RUSH." 2.6. Participation in the initiative is open to all EVA customers at their discretion. Even if a customer does not make a purchase in the store, they still have the opportunity to participate in the project and donate to the project. 2.7. The minimum contribution amount: 1 hryvnia. The maximum contribution amount: unlimited. 2.8. Note on reallocation: each donor, whether an individual or legal entity, making contributions to the initiative agrees that unused funds are non-refundable and can be reallocated for project needs within the initiative. Each donor making charitable contributions agrees that unused funds are non-refundable and can be reallocated for administrative expenses within the initiative.