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Room for Cats Renovated at shelter "Pid Dakhom"

120 cats live in the "Pid Dakhom" shelter, which is located near Kharkiv. The room where the animals were housed did not meet the requirements for keeping cats.


To improve their living conditions, Happy Paw, with support of Estonian partners Animal Center, renovated the premises taking into account all the needs of the cats.

In the premises:

  • the flooring was replaced
  • the walls were covered and painted
  • the ceiling was repaired.


  • scratching posts for sharpening claws
  • comfortable houses and individual sleeping spaces
  • three-level structures to satisfy the cats' need to explore space both horizontally and vertically.


We are grateful for the help and the opportunity to create such conditions in the shelters so that the animals wait for their future owners in warmth and comfort.

Let's take care of their well-being together!