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One-time help for animals

The purpose of the project

Unfortunately, at the moment the Foundation can’t help all the shelters, volunteers and public organizations. However we can unite the efforts of benefactors to provide people and dogs with one-time aid if it’s vital.

How does the Fund implement the project

We are continually contacting by volunteers, organizations and indifferent people from all over Ukraine, who really need help in rescuing stray dogs. This can be a lack of food or medical supplies, as well as money. We collect donations for such people or donate Foundation’s resources if we can effort it.

Check out the rules of the project here.


Result: 96
1000000 UAH Need
483691.81 UAH Collected

Ф-підтримка для переміщених тваринок

100000 UAH Need
15722 UAH Collected

Київський Пес збирає 100К на юніт для собачого ЖК

500000 UAH Need
77938 UAH Collected

Будуємо ЖК для собак▪️Fundraising for the dog enclosure complex

131324 UAH Already collected

Збір на стерилізацію безпритульних тварин ▪️ Fundraising for neutering of homeless animals

200416.43 UAH Already collected

Врятуємо тваринок від смертельних хвороб ▪️ Let’s save animals from deadly diseases

202570 UAH Already collected

Врятуй тваринок від голоду ▪️ Save the animals from hunger

299950 UAH Already collected

Збір на конвектори та "буржуйки" для обігріву притулків▪️Fundraising for heaters for shelters

77796 UAH Already collected

Збір на карантинний будиночок для притулку «Серце друга»▪️Fundrising to the quarantine house for the "Friend's Heart" shelter

295150 UAH Already collected

Відбудова притулків для тварин ▫️ Reconstruction of shelters for animals

253670 UAH Already collected

Зігріємо тваринок цієї зими! ▪️ Let's warm the animals this winter!