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The results of the action "Bringing Bobik"

The results of the action "Bringing Bobik".

An action "Bringing Bobik" took place on 22 April. By the action students can join not only from the capital, but also cities such as Rivne and Zhitomir. Organizer BF «Happy Paw» joined the shares 21 school. "For more than two years, the project" Bioethics "promotes the humane treatment of animals, and teaches how to behave with them. Nice to watch the students who want to show by example that assistance should be only a desire, but a platform for the realization of desires and have fund ", - shares his thoughts of the project" Bioethics manager "Tatiana Dyukareva.

The main purpose of the action - to help lost pet or fluffy doggies escapees to return home. Ukrainian system pets Search allows those who have lost or found a pet, can place information on the site During the campaign, the students were posting such ads in the city on the boards ads. Young philanthropists actively joined in the good case. In total during the campaign managed to bring home two lost dogs.

We remind that the Foundation regularly holds shares in the "Bioethics" project. Students are already well known events such as the "Offer paw and heart", "Give booth Fuzzy" and «Happy Meow for Murchik".

Photochronicles can be viewed at the link:

For more information, contact Anastasia Mamotyuk, PR-manager of BP «Happy Paw» under number 380 633 292 742.