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Sabina’s Happy Story


She appeared in our house two years ago... I saw Sabina’s picture on the Foundation's website, and since then the dog haven’t left my head. You know, it's like love at first sight. It’s yours.

Before that our family had already had Zsuzsa (Elizabeth Zsuzsa Yahnivna). But after consulting with our vet, having considered all the "pros" and "cons", I finally wrote a letter to the Fund.

A dog was delivered to my home from the shelter near Kiev. Since that moment a new phase in the life of our family began). I have experienced fear and despair. I was so worried because my dogs could not find a common language for 3 months. Only after this some miracle happened. Susan and Sabina become attached to each other. The old one, adopted a new family member and loved it! Three years passed living together carefree and happy. It was like at one go. We travelled a lot with our girls and could say with confidence "we're the happiest family in the world"!

But the happiness appeared to be short-lived. Our 17-year-old Zsuzsa began to lose her sight, hearing, and then the memory...then she left us forever. Sabina suffered very much together with us. However, we began to pay more attention to her, letting her know that she's our only and beloved dog. For us Sabina is like a daughter. And I don't care what other people think about me, as those who had a dog, would never call loving owners insane. Conversely, when we are called "parents" (parents of Sabina), instead of a usual “owners”, I am extremely pleased! A dog is the last angel on the Earth that has been given for you to remember that you are a Person.