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Marcel and his untolded story

History that is worth to be filmed.

The life of every dog changes when it meets an important person. Our story tells about the role of a person in the dog’s fate. Being seriously ill, Marcel was wandering around in search for happiness. In such condition he got to our shelter. The world is small as we are told, but there are people with hearts of gold; and Irina who decided to adopt the dog definitely belongs to such people. Marcel was seriously ill (he had neglected otitus), many vets refused to treat him but Irina was very persistant and she finally succeeded in finding a doctor who managed to cure the dog. Having taken Marcel from the shelter and having fixed his health, Irina’s family gave the dog everything he could only dream of: a life full of bright moments, happy walks with new owners, their endearment, kindness and love.

It is glaringly obvious how the appearance of the dog changed. Marcel became a big, stately, beautiful and noble dog. He is a great defender, friend and companion. It is always fun to spend time with him outside. Besides he is very clever and quick-learning. His look clearly shows his sincere gratitude. He is loved and taken care of, and in his turn he gives this back a hundredfold filling the house of his masters with positive emotions.