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Found a Pet

The purpose of the project

To prevent the increasing the number of homeless dogs and to help overpast pets to return home in spite of staying on the street, our Foundation helps the owners to find the lost pets, because they are not able to survive on the street. And if those dogs won’t be returned home, they will surely die.

How does the Fund implement the project

The national base of the lost&found pets is open on the Foundation’s site, where everyone can easily place an announcement about the lost or found dog for free. Due to the dog’s criteria auto-selection, it is very easy to use the base. Also auto forming of the announcement for the further spreading or sticking, and a plug-in for placing in the Internet works in the base. To raise the effectiveness of the search system's work the Foundation cooperates with a lot of shelters and services an animal trapping in the whole country. Except the fact that employees and volunteers of the Foundation monitor the Internet on a regular basis, place the announcements, and link the information about lost or found pets, they also stick down the announcements and make the direct search of an animal in area where it was lost in the whole Ukraine.

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