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New in 2022! Animated quiz "Veterinarian"

A quiz for junior high and high school students will enable them to become authentic veterinarians, welcome guests, and assist patients with four-legged animals.

Quiz in Ukrainian Language

Getting ready for the test

Unya enables you to administer tests during both online and classroom lessons.

To administer a test during a class online:

1. Make the quiz visible to pupils on the screen (use the "Screen Display" function or a similar function in the program through which you conduct the online lesson).

2. Make the quiz fully visible. To do this, click on the three dots in the lower right corner, and then on the sign with two arrows:

If your laptop isn't connected to the Internet when you're teaching in a classroom, then:

1. Before the test, download it by clicking "Get in"

2. Save a copy of it on a computer or other tech tool that you'll use to present a presentation in class.

3. Check to see if it functions properly on a technological device in the classroom.

Content and development of the quiz

The purpose of the quiz is for students to behave as veterinarians who treat patients with tails, either individually or in groups. Each takes turns selecting a guest they want to assist. There are 12 guests in total waiting for the reception. The participants can learn what query the visitor approached them with by clicking on the selected owner with an animal, and then they can select one of the available responses. At the same time as they choose an option, the kids write it down and present it to the teacher. A player (or team) receives 1 point for each accurate response. The group or pupil who scores the most points wins.


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