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The II International Humaneness Lesson


We hereby invite preschool institutions to join the II International Humaneness Lesson on Responsible Treatment of Animals (Dogs and Cats) on March 1-3, 2022.

We suggest that the following issues be revealed to kids during the Lesson:

1. How to properly care for a pet.

2. Meaning of a clip, address label, microchip, token with QR-code.

3. Reasons for stray animals appearing in the streets.

4. What an animal shelter is.

5. Rules of conduct when meeting with stray animals.

6. How each of us can help animals.

The Foundation urges not to bring animals to the Humaneness Lesson if they may feel stressful being away from home in crowded places! Take care of your four-paw friends’ health!

If your educational institution is eager to join the event and receive an electronic certificate of participation, it is necessary to:

1. Fill in the application form by 03.03.22 (one application should be submitted from one educational institution) -

2. Conduct the Humaneness Lesson on 1-3 March, 2022.

3. Take photos during the Lesson and send them by 5 March, 2022 to email:lecturer@happypaw.uaPlease send only 1 photo from each Lesson.

The email with the photos must indicate: name of the educational institution, city (town, village), amount of Humaneness Lessons held.

Sample photo:

    Sample photo of conducting the Humaneness Lesson online:

    If the rulesof the institution do not allow the publication/distribution of photos of kids, the photos may be as follows:

    Please be aware! Do not insert photos into Word or PowerPoint documents, just attach them to the email.

    Please do not send your home photos of children with their pets. We understand that these photos are very cute, but after the “Humaneness Lessons” we receive more than 1,500 emails with attached photos. Viewing each photo that does not meet the rules takes our precious time as we try to summarize the results and tell you about them as soon as possible. We count only those photos that show the process of teaching kindness about cats and dogs by teachers/ psychologists/cynologists.

    Please send the photo report from the e-mail you specified in the application form.

    If the photos are sent late, or there is no information about the educational institution in the email, the organizers have the right not to send the educational institution the electronic certificate of participation.

    If you wish, after the Lesson you can post a publication on Facebook about the participation of your school in the II International Humaneness Lesson, as well as photos from the Lesson, your impressions and hashtags #humaneness_lesson #happypaw

    By participating in the event, you agree to processing of personal data of the Participant during the event.

    By submitting the report with photos, videos and other audiovisual works showing individuals, the Participant is responsible to the Fund for obtaining from such individuals their consent to take photos and videos of them and the right to use and distribute such photos, videos and other audiovisual works with their participation. In particular, in the event of claims against the Fund, the Participant undertakes to reimburse the Fund all costs collected from the Fund and the costs associated with resolving such claims.

    Also we offer your kindergarten to join the flash mob “Our kindergarten stands for educating responsible attitude to animals!”. Terms and conditions: record and post on Facebook a group video from the kindergarten, where educators and children pronounce the slogan “Kindergarten No.545 of Dnipro Ukraine stands for educating responsible attitude to animals. We pass the baton to the kindergarten No.234 of Rivne”. In the video publication, mark the kindergarten the baton was passed to (we also recommend to inform this kindergarten in advance by phone). Add hashtags #humaneness_lessons #happypaw to the publication.

    For more information, please write us to -

    You can review how the First International Humaneness Lesson was held following the link -


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