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III All-Ukrainian Humaneness Lesson has gained the status of International.


Congratulations to all participants!

It is no secret that preschool age is crucial for the formation of personality. At this time, the basis is laid for the whole future life of a human, including moral norms and principles. Therefore, it is so important and necessary to hold educational activities with children dedicated to responsible treatment of animals.

Traditionally, our Charity Foundation, with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, arranged for the All-Ukrainian Humaneness Lesson dedicated to the humane and responsible treatment of animals to be held on March 1-2 in preschool education classes.

However, this year, our event has become even further-reaching. Not only educational institutions from all regions of Ukraine joined the event, but also not indifferent teachers and students from 7 more countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia and Romania. Which once again emphasizes the importance of educating children responsible attitude to animals in the world.

In total, on March 1-2, 8,864 Humaneness Lessons dedicated to the humane and responsible treatment of animals were held in 2,136 preschool institutions.

In Ukraine, the International Humaneness Lesson was held in 962 settlements:

  • 243 cities;
  • 169 urban-type settlements;
  • 550 villages.
  • The results of the event show that the TOP 5* most active regions included:

    1. Zaporizhia region - 34.2% of kindergartens joined;

    2. Dnipropetrovsk region - 33% of kindergartens joined;

    3. Kherson region - 23% of preschool institutions joined;

    4. Cherkasy region - 17.4% of preschool institutions joined;

    5. Kharkiv region (14.5% of kindergartens) and Donetsk region (14.2% of kindergartens).

    * the ratio of the number of preschool institutions operating in the region and the number of kindergartens where Humaneness Lessons were held

    The TOP 5 ** cities included:

  • Zaporizhia - 61.3% of preschool institutions joined;
  • Kamianske - 60.7% of preschool institutions joined;
  • Kryvyi Rih - 59% of preschool institutions joined;
  • Sumy - 57.4% of preschool institutions joined;
  • Poltava - 43.9% of preschool institutions joined.
  • ** the ratio of the number of preschool institutions operating in the city (regional center) and the number of kindergartens where Humaneness Lessons were held

    We would like to note that Zaporizhia, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions, as well as the cities of Zaporizhia and Kryvyi Rih have been in the TOP 5 most active regions and cities for the third year in a row, and every year more and more educational institutions are involved in the where Humaneness Lessons.

    All of the above institutions will receive electronic certificates of participants of the International Humaneness Lessons from our Foundation within a month, because each kindergarten reacted creatively and responsibly to the event. Educators organized and held:

    - thematic classes;

    - performances and holidays dedicated to dogs and cats;

    - quests;

    - story-based role-playing games;

    - interactive and didactic games;

    - excursions to pet stores, veterinary clinics;

    - master classes with cynologists;

    - online excursions to shelters;

    - designing and drawing pets and houses for them;

    - thematic classes on physical education;

    - arranged photo exhibitions.

    Even quarantine did not become an obstacle for the educators, and in Ivano-Frankivsk region, they conducted online classes with their students.

    We are sincerely grateful to everyone who joined this important and interesting event and we offer to watch great photos:


    Republic of Estonia


    Republic of Latvia


    Republic of Lithuania


    Republic of Belarus


    Republic of Bulgaria


    Republic of Serbia






    Vinnytsia region


    Volyn region


    Dnipropetrovsk region


    Donetsk region


    Zhytomyr region


    Transcarpathian region


    Zaporizhia region


    Ivano-Frankivsk region


    Kyiv region


    Kyiv city


    Kirovohrad region


    Luhansk region


    Lviv region


    Mykolaiv region


    Odessa region


    Poltava region


    Rivne region


    Sumy region


    Ternopil region


    Kharkiv region


    Kherson region


    Khmelnytskyi region


    Cherkasy region


    Chernivtsi region


    Chernihiv region

    We are thankful to everyone who joined! Together we make this world better!

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