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Results of the IV International Humaneness Lesson


The occupation, shelling and air raid sirens have not got in the way of Ukrainian educational institutions holding the IV International Humaneness Lesson! Unbreakable Ukrainian pedagogues have once again proved that teaching children responsible and humane attitude towards animals is an integral part of modern education. And during the difficult times of war, the life and well-being of animals is extremely valuable and important for our schoolchildren and teachers.

The number of educational institutions that joined the Humaneness Lesson in 2023 was the largest for the entire life of the event starting from 2018! In total, from October 4 to 11, 2,695 educational institutions joined the IV International Humaneness Lesson dedicated to humane and responsible treatment of animals.

In our country, the Humaneness Lesson was held in 1,487 settlements, including 271 cities, 194 urban-type settlements, and 1,022 villages.

In total, we have received photo reports from 16,467 Humaneness Lessons.

Some emails caused tears and admiration. Please read some of them below:



«Hello! Our educational institution – ... located in Berdiansk district in Zaporizhia region – has, unfortunately, been under occupation since the first days of the full-scale invasion. However, we managed to arrange the teaching process and have been working remotely for 2 years already. We kindly thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Humaneness Lesson. We have held 6 lessons. Our institution is located in ... in Zaporizhia region.».



"Hello! The name of the educational institution is ... It is located in Berdiansk district in Zaporizhia region. The village named … in Berdiansk district, Zaporizhia region, is now occupied. We temporarily work remotely from the city of Zaporizhia.

The Lesson was held for grades 7 - 9 (total of 5 grades) since most of our students are in the occupied territory and for security reasons they cannot always join the online lessons. So, we decided to combine the classes due to the small number of children. Thank you!"




"Good afternoon! Please do not show the photos for public viewing because the children are from the occupied territory."




"Hello! Sviato-Uspenskyi Lyceum, Dnipro city. Held 2 Humaneness Lessons. We were a bit unlucky because we often had to run to the bomb shelter during the Lesson. But even there, the children worked happily. They prepared a description of their beloved furry friends. And drafted an action plan with measures to support stray animals in winter."



"Dear organizers of the Project! Greetings to you from an indomitable Ukrainian school, which, unfortunately, is located in the occupied territory. We work remotely, our students and teachers are now scattered all over the world, but we were and still are Kakhovka secondary school ... of Kherson region. All of us – teachers, parents, children – treat animals humanely and benevolently. For your attention, our distance lessons are filled with love, kindness of young hearts and our online helpers – pets who are always with us, wherever we are, even during lessons! Sincerely, Kakhovka secondary school team...

Our ENTIRE school – from grades 1 to 11 – took part in the International HUMANENESS Lesson. There are 19 grades in total. All teachers joined the Lessons. After the Lessons, our pupils continued to send us photos and videos of their pets. Thank you for the wonderful creative projects. The topic of pets is extremely relevant now. Our children took part in raising funds to support animals that suffered after the hydroelectric power plant explosion, they did not abandon their friends even when they moved abroad. We raise our children correctly) Photos of the donations can be viewed in the video of Fluffy Tails Festival. We are always open to cooperation)

Sincerely, Kakhovka secondary school team…"


"Sosnivka secondary school of grades I-III #7 of the Chervonograd City Council in Lviv region

Sosnivka village


7 Humaneness Lessons)


We know that according to the terms of the competition there should be only one photo, so we chose one photo from each lesson, but we also made collages for you to show how the lessons were held in general.


Along with the photos where the children are with animals, the story of Zhuzha (the dog who gives a paw to a man) deserves special attention.


Zhuzha was a small puppy who one day found herself in a large forest near the city. Returning home through the forest, a man heard a loud frightened squeal, and when he followed the sound, he saw how a red fox attacked the little puppy. He drove the wild animal away carefully, but persistently. And when the animal finally retreated, the man took the small, furry, wounded animal in his arms and, holding it close to him, carried it through the forest home. Having processed the wounds, the man could no longer leave the child.


Now Zhuzha is an adult dog, loyal and affectionate, she loves children and her master Mykola (almost Saint Nicolas) and his little son Zakhar, who actually told his classmates the story of the dog abandoned by someone.


Thank you for very high-quality materials for the lessons dedicated to not only humaneness)



Iryna Bilan





"Good afternoon! We are truly eager to share our photos from the Humaneness Lessons with you.


LLC “Boryspil Private Lyceum “League M”” (Milasha - School)


Chubynske village, Boryspil district, Kyiv region


Number of Lessons held – 7

(1-A, 1-B, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 grades)


Pupils of the 6th grade offered to collect food for stray animals to help the nearest shelters, help animals find temporary housing or a family, make announcements and distribute them.


Also, in our school there are many examples of stories of teachers and children who took a dog or a cat from a shelter (rescued from Kherson, Borodianka, just from the streets). Children heard these stories."



Each photo sent to us was unique and “told” us about the creativity of the teachers’ approaches to holding Humaneness Lessons not only within educational institutions, but also outside them. Thus, students made advertising posters, drew in the sand, played quizzes, quests and thematic games, transformed themselves into veterinarians and groomers, set up photo zones dedicated to animals, organized and watched performances dedicated to the theme of stray animals, fed homeless animals, visited dog centers, pet stores and shelters , met with animal volunteers, and even raised funds for a prosthesis for a dog from shelter.


Traditionally, foreign schools from Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia have also joined the Lesson.

All participating schools will receive electronic certificates of participants in the IV International Humaneness Lesson from our Foundation within a month.


250 sets of Domestic Pets puzzles from our Foundation and Purina TM will be raffled among the institutions of general secondary education of Ukraine that filled out the application for participation in the IV International Humaneness Lesson on time, actively participated in the event and sent a high-quality photo report. We will soon publish the results of the raffle on the website.

We are thankful to all participants of the IV International Humaneness Lesson for the incredible photo reports, creative approach as well as for the real steps to change this world for the better. We remember that thanks to our joint efforts and care, conscious and responsible Ukrainians are being grown up. We are proud of you!

And finally, we would like to share with you the bright moments of the Humaneness Lesson sent to us by the participants in their photo reports. You can see more photos and publications from the educational institutions about the IV International Humaneness Lesson on Facebook under the hashtags #урок_доброти2023 #happypaw

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Dear teachers, you are unbelievable!

Together we make this world better! Everything will be Ukraine!


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