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The IV International Humaneness Lesson

We are inviting educational institutions to join the beloved and expected by all teachers and students International Humaneness Lesson on October 4-11, 2023. 

Participation in the event will as usually provide schoolchildren with a sense of unity and humaneness, and will help to raise one of the main human qualities – responsibility, humanity, altruism and kindness. These are the qualities that distinguish a civilized society from a society of ignorance and savagery.

The event will be held in either offline or online formats!
Please do not bring/come with animals to the Humaneness Lessons, as being away from home in crowded places can be stressful for them.

Here is how you can join the event and receive an electronic certificate of participation

To participate in the ІV International Humaneness Lesson and receive a certificate of participation, you should:
1) apply for the participation in the event by October 11 (the application form button is in the end of this article).

2) on October 4-11, 2023, hold the lesson dedicated to home pets and stray dogs and cats. Take photos or screenshots of the lessons (1 photo/image from each class).

3) send 1 photo from each lesson to the e-mail address: (by 16.10.2023). The email with photos must include: the name of the educational institution, city, country, number of lessons (according to the number of photos).

Photos must be of good quality, the photo must show that it is the “Humaneness Lesson” dedicated to the humane and responsible attitude towards dogs and cats that is being held. If the lesson is held in the classroom, the following inscription can be made on the board: date, city, school, topic of the lesson (for example: October 4, 2023, Poltava city, Ukraine, School of I-III grades No. 98, the IV International Humaneness Lesson).

If needed, you can cover the faces of the children in the photo.
Please send the photo report from the email address you indicated in the application form.
Examples of photos of the Humaneness Lesson in either offline or online formats:


! If the photos are not sent on time, if the photos do not show the Humaneness Lesson about dogs and cats, or the email contains no information about the educational institution, the organizers of the event reserve the right not to send the electronic certificate of participation to the educational institution.

Tell about your participation in the Humaneness

Lesson If you wish, you can make a post on Facebook about your educational institution participating in the IV International Humaneness Lesson and add some photos from the Lesson as well as your impression and hashtags #happypaw #bioetika #урок_доброти2023

Consent to the participant’s personal data processing

Participation in the event automatically gives consent to the participant’s personal data processing during the event.
By submitting the photo report, the participant grants the Foundation the right to post the videos/photos provided by the participant for public viewing, to use such photos in any way, to allow and/or prohibit the use of such photos by third parties.
If you do not want your photos to be displayed on the Foundation’s website or in our social networks, please indicate this in the email with the photo report.

Should you come up with any questions

Thank you for your concern for the issue of raising a humane and responsible attitude towards animals!
Please share the information about the Humaneness Lesson with your colleagues and friends, because there must be more humaneness in the world.

Together we make this world a better place!

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