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F-support for evacuated pets


Description of the action

The most cherished dream of any furry in the shelter is to have his own home. Especially when your temporary shelter is destroyed by war. That's why Happy Paw runs the F-SUPPORT program for homeless animals in partnership with Foxy from Foxtrot, who provide informational support in a charity fundraiser to support homeless animals evacuated from war zones. Now these furry animals are in shelters in safer regions of Ukraine. And each of them dreams... that his paws would recover, that his warm corner would finally appear, that the bowl would smell like feed. You and I can make such simple dreams of furry friends come true. Thanks to joint support, shelter workers will be able to build new enclosures and fences, quickly provide first aid, treat and feed animals. Let each paw find its palm of F-support! Join in! The recipient of the funds is the Charity Foundation "Happy Paw" .


Required amount 1150000 UAH
Raised 1153204.76 UAH