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F-support program for animals affected by the war

In January and February, thanks to the F-support program for homeless animals evacuated from "hot spots", 2,867 kg of fodder and 5 complexes from kennels were handed over

In January and February, thanks to the benefactors of the program F-support, the foundation handed over aid to 2,787 animals from 14 shelters.

Food have receive shelters:

— "KOZT "Bim (Kropivnytsʹkyy), which evacuated animals from Kramatorsk and Bogorodychansk, near Vugledar

— "Vikno v zhyttya" (Dnipropetrovsʹka obl.), which evacuated animals from Bakhmut and Toretsk

— "Dvornyashkam dom" (Kyyivsʹka obl.), which evacuated animals from Bakhmut, Kherson, Mykolaiv

— Tetyana Blyznychenko shelter (Dnipropetrovsʹka obl.), which accepted cats from Maksimilianivka, Bakhmut and Kurakhovo

— "Day lapu, druzhe” (Zaporizhzhya), accepted evacuated animals from Bakhmut, Kamyshuvakha, Toretsk, Gulyaipol, and also accepted animals from the military from various positions

— "Zooshans+" (Chernihiv) and their wards

— "Manana" (Kyiv region), which received seals during the occupation of Kyiv region.

— "Kokhani Bezkhatchenky" (Poltava Region), evacuated animals from Toretsk and Kharkiv Oblast

— «Bezprytulʹnyy Svit» (Kyiv region), evacuate animals from Chernihiv Oblast, Mykolaiv Oblast, Kherson Oblast

— Oleny Taran shelter (Kyiv region), who was evacuated from Kherson with her cats

— "BAKHMUT·SʹKE TOVARYSTVO ZAKHYSTU TVARYN "LADA" and their wards, who were evacuated to the Dnipropetrovsk region

— Volunteer Bondarenko V.YU. and her wards from Mykolaiv

— "Velyke sertse myloserdya" (Kyiv region), which accepted animals from Donetsk and Sumy regions

Also, the shelter "U dobri ruki" (Kyiv region) received building materials for 5 four-section doghouses, which have already been inhabited by new residents — 20 dogs.

We sincerely thank all the benefactors who helped make the dreams of the evacuated animals come true.

You can give your F-support palm via the link:

Let each paw find its palm of F-support!