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Supporting animals in shelters

Happy Paw provided homeless animals with food, kennels, firewood and installed two modular cat houses thanks to a grant from Danny & Ron's Rescue

In November and December, the fund helped animals in 12 shelters in different regions of Ukraine.

Food was handed over for cats and dog in shelters:

— "Best Friends" (Kyiv region);

— "Daruyuchy nadiyu" (Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovsk Region);

— Kamianske animal protection society "Zooschyt" (Dnipropetrovsk region)

— Pokrovsky Society for the Protection of Animals from Donetsk region (now evacuated to the Cherkasy region);

— Public legal initiative of Dobropillya (Donetsk region).

Almost 50 cubes of firewood were delivered to 7 shelters:

— Virnist. Animal Protection Organization (Dnipropetrovsk Region)

— "Best Friends" (Kyiv region)

— "Misto sobak" (Mykolaiv)

— "Fatum" (Mykolaiv)

— Cherkasy City Animal Protection Society "Drug"

— Netishyn shelter

— "Laska" (Dnipro)

Two spacious aviaries with kennels were built in the "Dai lapu, druzhe" shelter (Zaporizhzhia). In addition, they purchased two heating furnaces for a stationary house where live sick animals and animals with disabilities.

Two modular cat houses were built in the "Bim" shelter (Kropivnytskyi). One as a quarantine zone, the other as a house for healthy cats.

In the "Daruyuchi nadiyu" shelter (Pavlograd), where 70 dogs live, the construction of 6 enclosures and the production of double kennels for dogs is underway.

We thank our partners for their concern for the fate of homeless animals!

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