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Happy Paw equipped a veterinary office for the "Best Friends" shelter

A mobile home, a refrigerator and an oxygen concentrator were handed over to furnish a veterinary office in the shelter

Thanks to partners — Purina Ukraine, Foxtrot and Monobank, the fund has equipped a veterinary office in the shelter “Best friends”. The office is equipped with heating, light, a washbasin, the walls are decorated with paneling, which is easy to wash and disinfect. In addition, there is already a surgical table, a rack for droppers, furniture for storing medicines, a refrigerator and an oxygen concentrator.

This will make it possible to quickly provide first aid to animals, carry out medical manipulations and sterilize animals.

We thank our friends very much for their help and are happy for the animals, whose life in the shelter while waiting for their owners will be healthy and comfortable.