JOIA vegan - with care for animals
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JOIA vegan - with care for animals

Since February 2022, Happy Paw and the Ukrainian vegan gel neil polish brand JOIA vegan have launched a joint project to help animals in shelters.

From each bottle of JOIA vegan sold, UAH 1 will be deducted to help animals in the Happy Paw fund.

Cruelty free is the philosophy of JOIA vegan. Vegan or ethical products are never tested on animals at any stage of production. And also does not contain components of animal origin.

So when you buy gel polish, you get not only beauty, but also support homeless furries.

During this time, JOIA vegan managed to help the wards of the Happy Paw fund in the amount of more than 29,000 UAH From which the fund purchased 470 kilograms of feed for animals from the "Best Friends" shelter.