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А furry fairy tale


Have you ever known that there is a small Kingdom called Happy Paw close to you?! Kind people live in that Kingdom. They help poor stray cats and dogs, and extend a warm welcome to everybody to join their acts of kindness! Here is one of the stories of their well-doings: “Once upon a time there lived a little cheerful dog. His name was Marsik. He loved running around the streets, especially chasing bicycles. But the warm summer has come to an end. A chilly, rainy and windy autumn has started settling over the streets. Suddenly, Marsik’s ears began to ache. The poor little dog was crying all days and nights long. But one cold morning, when Marsik was sleeping under a bush, somebody soft and warm touched his back. A gold-haired Fairy was whispering some sweet words to Marsik and was tenderly stroking his head. Marsik has realized it was not a dream, it was all real, and he quickly recollected his strength, reared onto his legs, and waged his tail. The Fairy has healed Marsik’s ears very fast. And since then on, they have become best friends. So, this is the story of how our Marsik has become the happiest dog in the world!”