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Pardon impossible to punish


Canada. 32-year-old, who tied the dog’s feet and face with a tape and left to die in the field, will be in jail for 2 years, then another 3, he will be under the supervision of the police, and 25 years will not be allowed to have a pet. The judge noted with bitterness that is the maximum that he can give in this situation - until then convicted of animal abuse was not caught, so the verdict is so soft.

The dog - a seven-year Terrier, weighing not more than five kilograms, was given to knacker be the owners themselves. They asked him to bring it to a shelter, they say, they had a daughter and she was allergic to the dog. He took the dog, $ 60 and drove not to the shelter, but in the near field ... lucky dog - the next day his former owners sought out the media, volunteers, police and indifferent people in social networks - chip helped. Dog was rescued, freak put behind bars. And through the media reminded to all - in the United States are now cases of abuse of animals involved in the FBI and in Canada such crimes are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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