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Chemistry of life


Representatives of the charity fund "Happy Paw" tell: they asked this question only after personal participation in the climate march in the past year. One of the coworkers got ink, noticed that there is a mark "not tested on animals." After that, the Foundation decided to check if many cosmetics and household chemicals have the mark. We dug deeper. It turned out, the situation is very disappointing. For the animals, of course. And for the Ukrainians, when it comes to the country's reputation.

Human life is difficult to imagine without the bottles and boxes filled with various substances. For beauty - shampoos, creams, cosmetics and perfumes; Health - medicine; for life - detergents and washing powders. Odor, color, consistency and texture to suit every taste, and most importantly, the manufacturer vows to each item on the safety for humans. In the lives of many animals it is also presented, but a little differently. The difference lies in the use that a person has a choice, and the animal has none.

Is testing on animals allowed in Ukraine?

Some of the rules governing questionsof the testing on animals, contains in particular the Law of Ukraine "On protection of animals from cruelty."

"The procedure for carrying out experiments on animals requires specific rules - explains the lawyer Natalia Palamarchuk. - The most important of them: testing is only allowed if there is no possibility of replacing it with other alternative methods and objects. "

There BF "Happy Paw" started the search for a document with a list of alternative methods in Ukraine. This information, as it turned out, contained in the order of MES of Ukraine № 1506 of 21.12.2011, which, incidentally, was not published in official sources.

9 methods, alternatives to testing on animals in Ukraine:

- Computer simulation and training programs;

- Videos;

- Electronic simulators;

- Mannequins of animals;

- Models of animal bodies;

- Culture of tissues and cells;

- The bodies of animals that died of natural causes;

- Clinical practice in veterinary hospitals;

- Online video collections and specialized video lectures on the use of experimental animals (in the case if other methods are not suitable).

But to compare a list of alternative testing methods in the US:

1. Tests in vitro

2. The use of a membrane protein of the skin instead of the QSAR - computer modeling CADD - development of drugs using a computer

3. The simulator of the human body

4. Volunteers

"If there are no necessary alternatives, you need to act within the law, to comply with the order of the test and obtain a permit for it," - explains the lawyer.

Resolution in Ukraine issued by the central executive body that implements the state policy in the sphere of scientific activity, ie the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, but there is a small, but significant, detail - the procedure for granting permission to be approved by the order, simply does not exist, that’s why resolution couldn’t have been given.

That is, at the moment the legal testing on animals in Ukraine is impossible. In this case, even if the procedure for granting permission will emerge - the punishment for illegal activities is very small.

If we talk about the responsibility for violating the law on animal cruelty - that is, the relevant articles of the Code of Administrative Offences - Article 89, and in the Criminal Code - Article 299. The penalty for any shameful deeds under Article 89 is a fine of up to 153 UAH 357 UAH; under Article 299 of the Criminal Code, a fine of up to UAH 850, or arrest for up to 6 months ", - says Natalya. 850 USD - this is the price may be at the cost of innocent creatures.

In the final of the legal basis should also be noted that in the unified state register of court decisions there is no solution, by which person can be prosecuted for cruelty to animals in the testing aspect.

Test. Manufacturers

However, not all as bad as it seems at first glance, because the trend of companies who refuse killing animals in order to achieve personal goals, is growing rapidly every year.

There is no list of Ukrainian companies that do not test products on animals. But, for example, as an example there are two. Company Handmade Cosmetics "LUSH". All products are made by hand from natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. In the "white list" is the German brand "the Essence", which specializes in decorative cosmetics. They have never tested on animals ingredients for their product or the finished product.

As for the Ukrainian cosmetic brands, the majority of companies produce and thus test their products in Europe, which means that the animals are not used for the realization of their products.

For example, Galina Reshnyuk, Director importer TM «Color Me», says that they did not test products on animals.

And Julia Korolenko, a spokesman for the lab "Elfa" even tells about alternative methods of testing products "testing on volunteers in laboratories and tool testing". On question if it’s possible to somehow indicate that the product is not tested on animals, Julia replied: "No, first, animal testing is prohibited by law, and secondly, on the label designation would be a competitive advantage, contrary to the protection of the law the rights of consumers".

The lawyer said that it is an own opinion of the representative of the company, and the availability of a mark is not prohibited by law, it is simply not regulated.

We sent official requests to several Ukrainian companies, but received a reply only on two of them. Companies Biocon, Beauty Alliance did not provide any response. In phone mode, the representatives of another company admitted that they test products on animals, but did not give a written response, therefore, we can not name them now.

On the contrary, there are brands that produce products only on the territory of Ukraine. And here we can not say are the animals killed for the sake of "the beauty of Ukrainian women" or not. After all, on the legal level, this issue is not regulated. But testing of cosmetic products on animals is unacceptable on all existing standards.

Therefore, if it is important for you that products were not tested on animals - choose brands that produce the ingredients and the final product in Europe, experts explain. Ukraine is not ethical to animals as long as a representative of Ukrainian brands will not be able to assert: "No, we do not test our products on animals, because it is prohibited by applicable law."

Today there are many companies in the "white list", who refused to be tested on animals. Good products are very easy to recognize due to the prompts: «not tested on animals», «Cruelty free», «No animal testing», «Animal friendly» and rabbit logo, «BUAV Approved». Also, products made in the EU, not tested on animals. If each of us opted for such a product - the process of eliminating violence against animals accelerate hundreds of times. After all, the choice of the buyer can save a few lifes.

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