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Tips from Vogue Ukraine


On the eve of public holidays Rechi.Ua Store applied to two Vedic astrologers, who predicted what gifts should be given in the new year to make it passed successfully.

Their advice is based on the concept of Sanskrit "upayi" or objects, thoughts and concessions, with the help of which it’s become possible to get a good influence of global energy on your destiny. Astrologers claim that surrounding yourself with things that contain the energy of some planets, it will help the dreams to come true.

Charity box

The best way to fill your home with positive energy, according to astrologers, is to do good. In Rechi.Ua Store, for example, you can buy a special box of Happy Paw, because the funds received from its sale will go to the maintenance and needs of some dog in a shelter. It is also called "box at a distance", because everyone can become a tutor of a dog in the distance.

Finally, astrologers advised to give as many gifts as possible. «In India every kid is supposed to get an astrological map. If the girl is expected to have her marriage failed, she gets married a dog or a tree to be later separated and the prediction is believed to be overcome. A failed marriage took place, the fate is worked off and then the girls personal life goes on in better way. In other words, if you are afraid of losing something - give somebody something that will bring joy to them. Even if it will be Casadei shoes», - say astrologers with a smile, urging everyone to generosity.