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Pupils helped dogs to pass winter


For dogs not to “froze” and had a place to hide in and to have a sweet rest during winter, our little supermen gathered in creative guilds. On the lessons of labor studies guys from schools № 291, № 265 and UC Dominant during November-December contrived hut for dogs! Just look, it's real castles :)

That would not have happened if not for the help of Epicenter K, which provided young artists with necessary materials.

Now doggies from the "Fluff" shelter will be much warmer in winter.

So thank to students and their skillful teachers-mentors and Epicenter K.

Ahead is the second wave of production booths and many dogs are waiting for new houses. 13 Kyiv schools have shown the initiative to participate and help dogs. Therefore, we appeal for help to anyone who can assist with building materials! Your participation will be extremely valuable.

Warm for everyone :)

Agree on the transfer of materials by calling our Nina: +380 67 538 58 73