An “Office Romance”
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An “Office Romance”

We’d like to tell you about a wonderful “office romance”.

There was one channel with hardworking and creative people. And there was a dog named Alisa that was taken to the studio to be shot in the morning show.

This dog is from the shelter. And she got a chance not only to attract attention to a vexed problem of stray dogs but also to have a new life! An opportunity to become darling for someone on the other side of the screen.

But another thing happened...

No one from the audience called to the studio to take the dog to the family.

And then the fate smiled at the dog from a different angle...

Ivanna, who was working on the channel saw Alisa and realized that it is a dog for her! She thought: “If Alisa wouldn’t be taken by anyone, it will be my dog!”

But Ivanna didn’t wait for a long. Coming back home she called her husband and said that she will come with a friend.

It took six months since then. And today Alisa is the family’s favourite one.

Despite the family had already had a pet called Irvin, the dogs got on well and live happy in perfect harmony.

Ivanna tells, that having found her new home, Alisa behaved there a bit cautiously and timidly, but in a short time she understood she is beloved, she’s not in danger and never will be left alone.
Today Alisa is a happy dogJ She acts like a real lady: loves beautiful, tasty and odorous things...well, except that she likes to tease and run with Irvin.