"Recommendations with a big heart"
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"Recommendations with a big heart"

Interactive charity action "Recommendations with a big heart"

Public involvement in solving the problem of homeless animals is one of the priority directions of activity of our Foundation. From these considerations, the Charity Fund Happy Paw and friendly service PetAdvisor announce conducting a charitable action "Recommendations with a big heart". From 8th to 27th of December 2015, on the website https://petadvisor.in.ua pet owners will have an opportunity to leave a review of one of veterinary clinics of the city. For each recommendation or complaint, the organizers will charge an amount of 10 UAH to purchase food for homeless animals.

The action will take place in 5 cities: Kiev, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Odessa.

The topic of homeless animals in Ukraine, unfortunately, remains in the spotlight only for certain public organizations and foundations. For the purpose of disseminating information about the needs of animal shelters, our Fund’s team supported the initiative of the resource “PetAdvisor” to conduct the interactive charity actions in the largest cities of Ukraine.

The main task of this action is to attract the attention of website visitors – pet owners, to the protection of homeless animals. According to the organizers, every caring pet owner visited veterinary clinics not once and can share their opinion. For each opinion shared the project team will transfer an amount of 10 UAH for the purchasing of feed for the shelters of the city, which is referred to a veterinary clinic or office.

The Charity Foundation “Happy Paw” acts as the coordinator of this action and deals with issues of communication with the shelters. After the completion of the action one shelter will be selected in each city, and will get a feed.

Charity action "Recommendations with a big heart" will help not only to get a financial support, but to contribute to the dissemination of information on existing shelters for homeless animals and their needs.

In order to join, you have to:
1. Find in the list the veterinary clinic or office you have visited;
2. Leave your own review about it.

For every review posted on the website during the promotion, the organizers will charge 10 USD. After completion of the action, the total amount of money will be spent for the needs of animal shelters. On the page of the chosen veterinary clinic or office will be counted only one review from one user. The detailed terms and conditions of the event can be found here.

The action takes place in the following cities: Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Odessa.

The shelters, which will get a support will be determined after completion of the action.

Charity Foundation Happy Paw provides coordination and communication support of the event.

Your review is an opportunity to help animals who need special care.

Information about the organizers:

PetAdvisor (https://petadvisor.in.ua) – is an electronic catalogue of veterinary medicine institutions and the online book of complaints and recommendations.
Contact person: Dmitry Tkach (+38-097-714-83-73, e-mail: petadvisor.in.ua@gmail.com)

Happy Paw (http://happypaw.ua/) – a charitable foundation for homeless animals that cooperates with shelters in the largest cities of Ukraine, arranges educational projects on the subject of humane treatment of animals and promotes the search for animals that have been lost.
Contact person: Adriana Borshchovetska (+38-067-537-55-46, e-mail: pr@happypaw.ua)