One day from Frankie’s life
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One day from Frankie’s life


The most pleasant thing is to tell how happy our wards became!

We love that fact when new owners with a smile and twinkle in the eyes are talking about their new "baby".

A year ago, a cheerful and unique doggie Frankie, that had been spending his time in a shelter, at last met his new owners. Since then his new life began.

Oksana, a new doggie’s “mom”, tells: "Frankie’s everyday life is something like this: in the morning the puppy likes to lie in our bed. Usually pushes us and nestles between us. The boy may spend time lying on the back for hours! But as soon as Frankie feels that we have woken up, he starts playing, jumping, biting our hands, barking. He’s so a fidget!"

The dog spent his summer in the country house, so after his cheerful morning he went to the garden, to his friends Jacqueline and her “mother” Jeanne. Secretly, pup fell in love with Jacqueline. After lunch he started to flirt: biting her ears, neck, paws. It looked so sweetJ Jeanne, as a true mother-in-law, sometimes growled at Frankie, but an old plump doggie never stopped aspirations of the gallant cavalier!

Dog feels like a real master. Getting out of the city, he makes regular "rounds" in the street zoo: he watches chickens, Repka the kitty and Bertha the turtle.

But there is more to come! The doggie is a real gourmet: he loves boiled potatoes with butter!

"Having eaten Frankie usually takes up his favourite thing: squeaker toys! He already has toy hedgehog, hamburger, and duck. The dog likes to lie biting them. And also he enjoys when we began to chase him while he’s holding the toy" - say the owners.

We remind that the doggy had his leg injured, but now he scampers a lot, so we can say he has completely recovered.

After all-the-day playing Frankie becomes scruffy, so Oksana often has to bathe him) But even a well bathed, smelling like shampoo pup loves to sprint and dive to land in the garden. Then you have to wait until this restless creature is dry, and after that becomes similar to itself)!

In conclusion, mother Oksana adds, "And when it’s evening...our dog enters the house, remembers the bed of the owners, jumps there like a shot, nestles and peacefully falls asleep..."

It looks like Frankie has lived his entire life in this happy family. He’s really a favourite pet. And according to photos and fun stories of the owners about the dog and his new habits, only a happy dog lives like that!