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Restless Businka


Despite the rigors of life in the street, this little one is still tender and loving. She loves people and dogs, this is what attracted her new family. Businka can share her kindness and optimism.

Owners immediately noticed her adorable little eyes and decided that the dog will be named Businka (means “bead”).

Having joined the family the dog began to behave like cat: to cuddle and play with the "evil" hand, meanwhile refusing of balls and ropes.

Businka is a little helper: if notes pieces of paper or money, then immediately removes them in her place.

Busya pays attention to the admonitions and tries not to repeat the mistakes.

She learned the command "come to me", and gets dainties for it.

This beauty will always share someone's happiness.

She recently went on her first exciting journey, where she showed she could be docile and friendly to everyone around.

A new family is very fond of Businka, they believe that soon she'll be able to forget her past and become totally happy!