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How we held the intellectual game at school

Pupils of the school №172 in Kyiv played the intellectual game What? Where? When?

We are sure that children should be brought up since early childhood. Since childhood they should be taught humanism. Therefore, we regularly hold various interesting lessons at schools of Kyiv and Lviv, including lessons in the form of the game, and we hope you are aware of it.

One of these events was the intellectual game at school №172.

During this game the children answered different questions about the dogs and tried to win in the contest. The got acquainted with the problems of the dogs and suggested their point of view. The meeting ended with the contest of the wall newspapers where we saw a lot of interesting and urgent works.

We are sure that the pupils found out something new about the problems of the dogs, got useful knowledge and lots of unforgettable emotions. The Happy Paw team is looking forward to meeting these children again as they are our future.