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Masha is healthy again and is looking for a new loving family!

Masha - incredibly strong dog!

Masha had passed a long way before she got to the shelter. She was found at the street and had to get through a long treatment at first, as she was thin and weak, and looked really exhausted. During the first medical inspection dirofilariosis was found. Unfortunately, this was the only first step of the way to the healthy life, as one more disease was diagnosed, the one that is frightening even for people: cancer. Vets stated that doggy had soft tissue sarcoma. It seemed, Masha was doomed and nothing could save her. But fortunately, the surgery helped and the malignancy was successfully removed.

Thanks to the high professionalism of the vets Masha is finally healthy and lives in one of our shelters. We hope that the doggy will find mindful and warm-hearted owner who will love and take care of her. And what's important, Masha can teach you the alpha and omega of life, which is appreciate every minute and every second of being. Come visit Masha, and you will definitely like her!