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The first consignment of pet food has been sent to Lviv!

Friends, first consignment of pet food has been sent to Lviv!

Dear friends, we are helping animal shelters in different regions and cities of Ukraine and particularly in Lviv. As we are still searching for a reliable partner to work with, we decided not to waste time and to help those shelters we are familiar with. Dogs from such shelters as “Myloserdia”, “Uholiok” “Western Ukrainian animal protection society” got such necessary and long-expected help! Thanks to the “Kormotekh” company the dogs received 300 kilograms of pet food.

As we want to solve the problem of stray dogs in Ukraine, we are not complacent and we are going to help other shelters as well. Hence, we are willing to cooperate with charity foundations and organizations which can either help with money or with pet food and medicine. We are going to solve the global problem of stray animals in Ukraine!

We would also like to thank the “Kormotekh” company and particularly Kateryna Burko for providing us with more than 3000 portions of pet food for dogs.

P.S. In the picture below you can see such cool people as Katya Burko (a striking personality and a person with a capital “P”) and Natasha Bavina (our representative in Lviv, a very positive girl who made an enormous contribution to this event).