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We conducted the “Crime scene” flash mob

The "Crime scene" flash mob took place on September, 27 in Kyiv within the "Stop Dog Hunting" project framework. Its main purpose was to attract the attention of society to the problem of extirpation of stray dogs in the streets of our country.

Our goal is to reduce the number of cases of violence towards dogs and finally to solve the problem of cruel attitude to animals.
Hence, we are actively working upon the “Stop Dog hunting” project and the “Crime scene” flash mob took place on September, 27 within its framework. We acted out the crime scene, namely the murder of a dog by a dog hunter and also handed out leaflets which could be later distributed all over the city. If you are not indifferent to the fate of stray dogs and you want to help eliminate the extirpation of animals – join the Stop Doghunting project
Each “like” and “share” can save hundreds of stray dogs.
We are sure that only having overcome the indifference of society we will be able to solve the problem of dog hunting in Ukraine.
You can watch the video of the flash mob here