We have spent our fourth festival Dog's Day "Happy Paw"!
Новини Фонду

We have spent our fourth festival Dog's Day "Happy Paw"!

We held great holiday of good and happiness! There are only positive emotions and good memories were left after our event.

On 5th of October we held our Fourth Dog's Day "Happy Paw"! We are helding this festival to attract the attention of the society to the problems of the stray dogs.

Together with you we have managed to create a truly joyful and family holiday for everyone who cares about the problems of stray dogs.

That was a lovely and useful day. We had so many activities – charity fair and creative workshops, performance of a magician and puppet theater, and of course exhibition of puppies from our shelters and a lot of other interesting activities.

Many thanks to everyone who helped us making this day pleasant and special:

  • Our great volunteers for everything!
  • Our partners "Club of four paws" for great presents
  • For all participants of the charity fair nd creative workshops for participation and help
  • All benefactors, our super team and everyone who helped us making this day special and truly happy!

We have gathered nutrition, medicine, sold a lot of our souvenirs which we have prepared specially for the holiday, so in few days we will bring our dogs lots of tasty and useful things!

P.S. We will surely repeat the holiday on the 5th of October in a SkyMall from 14:00 to 18:00