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The narrative of 13-year-old Arseny and his canine pal Marta

Story is about great love and devotion, which once again proves that a country with such people will never be defeated by any evil.

The dog Marta fell ill at the beginning of 2022. Unfortunately, the veterinarians made the correct diagnosis in just a month. And this diagnosis was cancer. It happened already after February 24, and during all these months Marta underwent 2 operations and 8 chemotherapy.

On his birthday, Arseny promised his mother that he would earn money for the treatment of his pet and kept his word. Without telling his mother, the boy started selling magnets on the street to raise funds.

Thanks to the publicity of the story in social networks, many caring people responded to help the family, who were impressed by Arseny's act and his devotion to Marta. So far, the guy has already managed to collect even more than the required amount, so Arseniy and his family have already decided to give part of the funds to the shelter to help homeless animals.

We and our partners TM Purina decided to support the boy and his Marta - and gave Arseniy our board game "Happy paw" about responsible treatment of animals.

We thank Arseny for his great kind heart and wish Marty a speedy recovery.

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