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Results of the II International Humaneness Lesson


For 3 days more than 2230 schools of Ukraine and the world held Humaneness Lessons dedicated to humane and responsible treatment of animals.

Not only educational institutions from all regions of Ukraine, but also concerned teachers and students of 10 more countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Turkey have joined the Lessons.

Overall, on October 4-6, 17,182 Lessons on Humane and Responsible Treatment of Animals were held in 2,234 educational institutions around the world.

In Ukraine, the II International Humaneness Lesson was held in 1,260 settlements:

253 cities;

152 urban-type settlements;

855 villages.

The TOP 5 regions where most lessons were held included:

- Sumy region (31.2%);

- Kherson region (29%);

- Dnipropetrovsk region (22.9%);

- Kirovohrad region (22.8);

- Zaporizhia region (21.9%).

During the II International Humaneness Lesson, teachers involved students into a variety of interesting and informative activities (both face-to-face and online):

- interactive lessons;

- quizzes, brain rings, quests, flash mobs, photo exhibitions;

- excursions to pet stores, veterinary clinics and shelters;

- meetings with cynologists and animal shelter volunteers;

- story-based role-playing games;

- making and placing educational posters;

- theatrical performances and shadow theater;

- sand painting;

- collection of aid for animals in shelters, etc.

All schools will receive from our Foundation electronic certificates of participants in the II International Humaneness Lesson.


We are thankful to all participants of the II International Humaneness Lesson for your activity, creativity, kind words, incredible photo reports and publications. We believe that thanks to our joint efforts and concern a new generation of conscious and responsible people is growing up!

And finally, we would like to share with you just a small part from the photo reports we received from the participants. You can view more photos and publications of educational institutions about the II International Humaneness Lesson on Facebook under the hashtags #урок_доброти2021 #happypaw

Foreign schools

Republic of Bulgaria

Hellenic Republic


Republic of Estonia

Republic of Latvia

Republic of Lithuania

Republic of Moldova


Republic of Serbia

Republic of Turkey


Ukrainian educational institutions

Vinnytsia region

Volyn region

Dnipropetrovsk region

Donetsk region

Zhytomyr region

Transcarpathian region

Zaporizhia region

Ivano-Frankivsk region


Kyiv region

Kirovohrad region

Luhansk region

Lviv region

Mykolaiv region

Odessa region

Poltava region

Rivne region

Sumy region

Ternopil region

Kharkiv region

Kherson region

Khmelnytsk region

Cherkasy region

Chernivtsi region

Chernihiv region

Dear teachers, you are incredible!

Together we make this world better!

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