The International Humaneness Lesson Outcome

The International Humaneness Lesson Outcome

The III All-Ukrainian Humaneness Lesson, which was held on October 5-6, 2020, became International!

We are sincerely grateful to each teacher who felt safe with the pandemic challenges and conducted the Humaneness Lesson in his classroom.

Not only educational institutions from all regions of Ukraine, but also teachers and students of 8 more countries joined the Lessons: Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia and Croatia.

Overall, on October 5-6, 12,751 Lessons on Humane and Responsible Treatment of Animals were held in 1,869 educational institutions.

In Ukraine, the International Humaneness Lesson was held in 1,028 settlements:

·244 cities;

·138 urban-type settlements;

·646 villages.

Most lessons were held in:

Dnipropetrovsk region - 1678;

Kyiv region - 1172;

Donetsk region - 1090;

Kharkiv region - 1014;

Zaporizhia region - 796.

Also, on October 5, we held an online meeting with the Medical Gymnasium № 33 in Kyiv and the Secondary School №12 (Grodno, Belarus). Students from Belarus shared their impressions they had received after the Humaneness Lesson and demonstrated the work they had prepared for the World Animal Day. Pupils from two countries also joined in solving the tasks of the thematic quest, which took place in a Kyiv school.

All schools will receive electronic certificates of participants in the International Humaneness Lesson from our Foundation within 2 months.

You can’t imagine how many great photos we would like to share with you. But, unfortunately, our website does not allow posting such a big volume, so let us share only a drop from the ocean of the photos we have received from our participants:

Republic of Belarus

Republic of Bulgaria


Republic of Kazakhstan

Republic of Latvia

Republic of Lithuania

Republic of Serbia

Republic of Croatia


Vinnytsia region

Volyn region

Dnipropetrovsk region

Donetsk region

Zhytomyr region

Transcarpathian region

Zapoirzhia region

Ivano-Frankivsk region

Kyiv region


Kirovohrad region

Luhansk region

Lviv region

Mykolaiv region

Odesa region

Poltava region

Rivne region

Sumy region

Ternopil region

Kharkiv region

Kherson region

Khmelnytsky region

Cherkasy region

Chernivtsi region

Chernihiv region

Dear teachers, you are incredible! Together we make this world better!