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Summary of the II All-Ukrainian Humaneness Lesson

Finally, we are excited to share great news: on October 2, we set a new National Record of Ukraine “The Largest Number of Humaneness Lessons” together with educational institutions from all over Ukraine.

The National Register of Records of Ukraine registered 15,012 lessons in 1,617 educational institutions. And this is 8,470 lessons more than last year. So we’ve managed to break our own last year’s record!

We are thankful to each of you for your efforts and for the children’s curious and happy faces we saw in photos and videos!

Educational institutions from all regions of Ukraine have been engaged in holding the lessons.

Overall, from October 2 to 4, educational institutions from 1,054 settlements of Ukraine took part in the II All-Ukrainian Humaneness Lesson:

·244 cities

·141 urban-type settlements

·669 villages

    There were 1922 educational institutions engaged in giving the lessons.

    Most lessons were held in:

    Dnipropetrovsk region – 2,254 lessons;

    • Kyiv region – 1,630 lessons;

      Donetsk region – 1,520;

      Kharkiv region – 1,274 lessons;

      Zaporizhia region – 1,045 lessons.

      Most lessons were held (in cities):

      Kyiv – 689 lessons;

      Dnipro – 641 lessons;

      Kryvyi Rih – 619 lessons;

      Kharkiv – 501 lessons;

      Zaporizhia – 386 lessons.

      We would also like to inform you that all schools that took part in setting the record will receive certificates of participation in setting the record via e-mail within 2 months.

      Besides, educational institutions that held 10 or more lessons (particularly on October 2) and sent the photo report on time (and each photo met the declared conditions) will receive a free Happy Paw board game from Happy Paw Charity Foundation and Purina TM.

      In total, 18,105 humaneness lessons were held from October 1 to 4.

      Thank you :)

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