You can not take it home? Become a friend at a distance

Curator of the project

Kristina Kozynets



The purpose of the project

Stray dogs should not roam the streets. In order to make their lives better, the Foundation collaborate with animal shelters where dogs fear neither hunger nor cold, and are safe. Living in shelters, stray dogs are in eager anticipation of being adopted.

How does the Fund implement the project

About 1087 stray dogs live in 12 shelters which Foundation collaborate with within Custodianship project. These shelters are located in 6 regions of Ukraine. Shelter dogs need high-quality food, warm cages, good care, sterilization, treatment and regular vaccination. Some shelters can’t afford a lot of these things. That’s why we involve benefactors to help shelters dog. They provide shelters with money, food and goods. Also Foundation actively engage the support of people who want to pass money for certain pet in shelter. Avery person can take custodianship of a dog (or a couple of dogs) and provide it (them) with food and basic medical aid. If desired, a good-doer can visit a dog under his or her care.You can find out more about our wards, and send a request for the guardianship on our website. In 2014 we launched a campaign “Give a distance doggie”. If your friend is dreaming of a pet but can’t afford it, buy him a distance dog. To make an original and useful present call us at +38 067 538 58 73 or e-mail at We guarantee that your friend will be pleased!

Check out the rules of the project here.