Новини Фонду Tasty food for cats at the "Best Friends" shelter Happy Paw handed over 720 portions of nutritious food to the shelter 29.11.2022 Новини Фонду Adopt a pet from the shelter — get a supply of feed for them! The "Feedy Start" campaign from Purina Ukraine and Happy Paw continues in the partner shelters of the fund, which provides animals with food in their new homes 29.11.2022 Новини Фонду Happy Paw build a quarantine modular house in a shelter in Dnipropetrovsk region In November, the installation of a modular house at the shelter “Pegasus-rescue of horses and wild animals” for veterinary procedures and grooming was completed 29.11.2022 Новини Фонду Happy Paw equipped a veterinary office for the "Best Friends" shelter A mobile home, a refrigerator and an oxygen concentrator were handed over to furnish a veterinary office in the shelter 28.11.2022 Новини Фонду Happy Paw helped rebuild the shelter in Brody Thanks to benefactors, 7 windows, 5 doors and 1 panorama were installed in the shelter building 11.11.2022 Новини Фонду Launch of the pet sterilization program for owners of retirement age in Boryspil The fund continues the program of free sterilization of domestic animals in the Kyiv region 03.11.2022 Новини Фонду Happy Paw and Foxtrot transferred the electronic equipment to animal shelters Shelters-partners of the fund continue to receive the necessary assistance not only with feed and medicines for animals, but also with equipment for storing medicines and heating premises 02.11.2022 Новини Фонду Happy Paw and OIPA have helped thousands of homeless animals In September and October, Happy Paw with partner OIPA supported more than 960 animals in different parts of Ukraine 01.11.2022 Новини Фонду Happy Paw handed 1,500 kg of feed for animals in shelters In September Happy Paw launched a campaign to provide fodder to shelters in Dnipro 26.10.2022 Новини Фонду Happy Paw built new enclosures for dogs from the mini-shelter “Chotiry lapy” A new large aviary for 2 sections is now inhabited by 14 dogs in the Bobrinets shelter 21.10.2022