Новини Фонду Somat and Epicenter K help animals together with Happy Paw Thanks to the Somat brand and the Epicenter K company, the Happy Paw Foundation purchased and donated over 1,500 kg of animal feed to shelters. 03.05.2022 Новини Фонду Humanitarian aid from OIPA to Ukrainian animals The International Organization for the Protection of Animals (OIPA) has donated more than 12 tons of feed and other animal products to the Happy Paw Foundation. 28.04.2022 Акції Buy a motivational calendar and help animals in shelters Happy Paw together with the original gift shop "Magnet of Fortune" is holding a campaign to support animals in need. 25.04.2022 Новини Фонду Happy Paw is cooperating with Veterinarians Without Borders to help homeless animals in Ukraine Happy Paw is cooperating with Veterinarians Without Borders to help homeless animals in Ukraine

Veterinarians Without Borders / Vétérinaires Sans Frontières - Canada (VWB / VSF) is a non-profit charity that has been addressing animal health and community ecosystem issues since 2005. The organization is based in Ottawa (Canada), but the team works around the world and carries out projects in many countries in Asia and Africa.
Новини Фонду The activity of the Happy Paw Foundation during the war On behalf of all the employees of Happy Paw Charitable Foundation and the animals from the shelters that our organization takes care of, we would like to thank you for your support!

It is thanks to your donations that we can continue to work in this difficult time and save thousands of lives of cats and dogs all over Ukraine, which is to provide food and treatment of animals in shelters.

Thank you very much for your help! If you want to support the fund and see what we have already done, pleas eread this article.
Новини Фонду Free sterilization of pets in Kyiv UPD: As of February 25, the project has been suspended due to Russia's war against Ukraine. We will inform you about the relevance of the records of the operations immediately after the end of hostilities. Thank you for understanding. Glory to Ukraine!

Spring is the time to sterilize pets!

Therefore, we are launching a campaign in which from 15.02 to 15.03.2022 retirees of Kyiv will be able to sterilize their pet for free in the clinics of the Center for Animal Welfare.
Новини Фонду . . 24.01.2022 Акції Good is the best talisman The Happy Paw Foundation and the Nebo ideas agency have launched a new charity campaign to bring good luck in the new year. 29.12.2021 Акції Havas Digital and Happy Paw have created an official posting time for your pets Now every day at 11:11 you can usefully post about your pet on Instagram with the hashtag # 11_11pt. 28.12.2021 Новини Фонду The Secret Nicholas of the Faine Misto festival visit the animals in the shelters Ho! Ho! Ho! Together with Faine Misto festival, the Happy Paw Foundation launched the "Secret Nicholas of the Fine City" campaign 24.12.2021