Новини Фонду We take part in a charity race Kyiv half marathon We will participate in a charity race of Kiev half marathon
Суспільство First dog clone in Britain Scientist from South Korean tech firm Sooam Biotech has produced the first cloned dog.
Новини Фонду Thanks volunteers «Alternative-B» Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that “Happy Paw” together with volunteers from “Alternative-B” visited shelter for homeless dogs “Lapochka” in Obukhiv district on 9 th august 2014. 
Корисна інформація 10 important changes to the legislation on animal protection How the laws and other regulations in Ukraine provides detailed ways and mechanisms to resolve such problems.
Новини Фонду Dogs of Donetsk shelter «Pif» received food and medicine We sent humannity help Donetsk orphanage «Pif»
Новини Фонду Foundation's needs in July We are continuing to share with you, our friends, both as good news and also the needs. In July, we have built a new open air cage for our dogs, and we will be happy to help your food, cereals and medicine for dogs.
Новини Фонду До нас у притулок приїхала Єва Бушміна Днями в один з наших притулків приїхала екс-солістка «Віагри», учасниця «Фабрики зірок», красива дівчина і просто хороша людина Єва Бушміна.
Новини Фонду If you cannot have a dog, take care of it at a distance This is our handsome Jack and his guest!
Щасливі історії Тепер у М'яти є сім'я! Тепер у М'яти з'явилися не тільки люблячий господар, нова сім'я, але й любов усього життя!
Новини Фонду Dogs in Donetsk have nothing to eat. Happy Paw gathers food! We decided to send food to Donetsk shelter - join and help 900 dogs