Новини Фонду We have visited the Radio «Vesti» The famous TV presenter Vasilisa Frolova convinced that it’s a new fashion to have a nonbreed dog, and her colleague Dima Tereshkov asked to help him find a Jack Russell Terrier
Щасливі історії Новий дiм для Льоліка Льолік - це маленька собака з великим серцем. Він знає що таке питання життя і смерті з власного досвіду.
Новини Фонду The Foundation’s leader interview in The People Magazine A while ago the journalists of The People Magazine came to our office and spoke with Olga Spektor about personal and work questions.
Суспільство Sign the petition for Justice! This poor dog was found in the middle of a boulevard in Canelones, Uruguay. The pet was immediately rushed to SOS Caninos and Equinos charity organization, in a very poor state of health.
Новини Фонду We have joined the public discussion about the changes in charity legislation in Ukraine Happy Paw participated in the meeting for representatives of the charity organizations, which was organized by The Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum with The Institute of Public Innovation.
Щасливі історії Щасливчика Черниша оточено любов'ю Як багато горя і розчарування читалося в очах цього маленького красунчика, коли волонтер підібрав його на вулиці, а зараз нинішня господиня не випускає Черниша з рук, адже так він фізично ближче до її серця.
Корисна інформація How to protect your dog from overheating The long-awaited summer time has come, and that means it's time to take care of our hairy friends, providing them with vital coolness. Dogs, by its structure feature; heat is transferred much harder than men. Overheating can cause serious consequences. The fact that the body of  dogs hasn’t so many sweat glands, like the human body. The only way to cool the beast - breathe quickly and often. Therefore, we advise all caring owners to be especially attentive to their wards tailed in this hot period.
Новини Фонду Quest in school summer camps was held! In spite of the summer time and absence of the lessons in schools, we are still working on educating the humane treatment among young people.
Корисна інформація Why do dogs eat grass? Many owners agree that not once noticed how while walking their dog eats grass. What makes four-legged diversify their meat diet? 
Новини Фонду The Charity Foundation Happy Paw offered the cooperation to the students The Charity Foundation Happy Paw organized the “round table” with the students of Kyiv universities.