Новини Фонду How we held the intellectual game at school Pupils of the school №172 in Kyiv played the intellectual game What? Where? When? 15.12.2014 Щасливі історії Masha is healthy again and is looking for a new loving family! Masha - incredibly strong dog! 12.12.2014 Новини Фонду Charity meeting at the National Aviation University The National Aviation University Students’ Council and the Happy Paw charity fund organized a photo exhibition and a charity fair for the stray dogs of the whole Ukraine.
Новини Фонду The way tattoos save stray dogs Well not tattoos but tatto-artists :)
Новини Фонду The first consignment of pet food has been sent to Lviv! Friends, first consignment of pet food has been sent to Lviv! 03.12.2014 Щасливі історії Marcel and his untolded story History that is worth to be filmed. 01.12.2014 Новини Фонду How we were shooting the video for stopdoghunting.org Our team has interesting and creative day.
Новини Фонду Собачки написали листи своїм опікунам Песики вирішили зробити опікунам несподіваний подарунок. 25.11.2014 Новини Фонду Coming soon: our charity foundation in your city! Happy Paw continues extending the geography of its activity! 24.11.2014 Новини Фонду Magazine "Good Housekeeping" wrote this month about us 2 articles. With every purchase of a large log our wards will receive 1 hryvnia, and with each mini- version - 50 kopecks. 24.11.2014