Новини Фонду Fund activities for 5 months of full-scale war ​It is only thanks to your support that we can provide the necessary assistance to homeless animals in shelters during the war: the purchase of food and the necessary treatments and medicines, the treatment of seriously ill animals, the restoration of shelters damaged by shelling, etc. 16.08.2022 Новини Фонду JOIA vegan - with care for animals Since February 2022, Happy Paw and the Ukrainian vegan gel neil polish brand JOIA vegan have launched a joint project to help animals in shelters. 04.08.2022 Новини Фонду 13 tons of animal feed for Ukrainian shelters from Happy Paw partners Purina Ukraine In June, Happy Paw received humanitarian aid and sent it to shelters and volunteers for more than 1,700 animals 02.08.2022 Новини Фонду Happy Paw and cat Stepan rescued animals in shelters from parasites With the funds raised by the star cat-blogger, it was possible to purchase anthelmintic drugs for 8850 animals 12.07.2022 Новини Фонду Had lunch — treat a homeless animal! Campaign to support animals in shelters has started with Bolt Food 11.07.2022 Новини Фонду Happy Paw built a walking area for dogs with Zagoriy Foundation, Fine Whines and Lickers, DevPro More than UAH 320,000 was transferred by our partners for the construction of a large walking area in the shelter "Pegas" 07.07.2022 Новини Фонду We take care of the life of animals in shelters together with partners Foxtrot and Beko Thanks to the support of Foxtrot, our partner shelters received household appliances and food for foxes 01.07.2022 Новини Фонду Happy Paw helped animals together with Zagoriy foundation! Feed and building materials for a total amount of 200,000 UAH. received shelters throughout Ukraine 21.06.2022 Новини Фонду Happy Paw has launched a campaign to sterilize homeless animals in the Kyiv region Thanks to the financial support of Canadian partners "Veterinarians without Borders" VWB, the Happy Paw Foundation was able to begin sterilization of homeless animals in 4 cities of Kyiv region. 14.06.2022 Акції HOSTiQ.ua's birthday is a charitable celebration of the company's 9th anniversary! HOSTiQ has long cared not only for customers and their sites, but also for four-legged friends. Together with partners, HOSTiQ.ua launched a charity event for their birthday! 13.06.2022