Новини Фонду Happy Paw in Mykolaiv! As you know, Charity Foundation Happy Paw trying to keep dogs across Ukraine and now it's the turn of Nikolaev to join our family. 23.12.2014 Суспільство Judge awards family $200000 in emotional damages over dog shooting A Maryland Appeals Court judge handed down a verdict awarding emotional damages payment be given to a family that had their dog shot and killed by one of its deputies. 22.12.2014 Новини Фонду Edik has come back home Friends, return dogs to their owners - it's fun and cool! 20.12.2014 Новини Фонду Social ad of our project stopdoghunting.org is waiting for you. The coolest social video clip mounted and ready for viewing! 17.12.2014 Новини Фонду People inspiring one another Good deeds have the ability to motivate people to do good. 17.12.2014 Новини Фонду . . 17.12.2014 Суспільство Кримінальна відповідальність за жорстоке поводження з тваринами В Україні дуже багато випадків жорстокого поводження з тваринами і більшість законів про їх захист являються ефемерними. Та все ж, ми пропонуємо вам ознайомитись з тим, що чекає на таких людей, нелюдей (потрібне підкреслити).
Новини Фонду How we held the intellectual game at school Pupils of the school №172 in Kyiv played the intellectual game What? Where? When? 15.12.2014 Щасливі історії Masha is healthy again and is looking for a new loving family! Masha - incredibly strong dog! 12.12.2014 Новини Фонду Charity meeting at the National Aviation University The National Aviation University Students’ Council and the Happy Paw charity fund organized a photo exhibition and a charity fair for the stray dogs of the whole Ukraine.