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If you cannot have a dog, take care of it at a distance

This is our handsome Jack and his guest!

Let’s get acquainted: it is our cutie Jack and his sponsor visiting him. The dog has not been so happy for a long time. This lovely girl’s name is Svitlana and she has been taking care of the dog quite long: she regularly provides him with pet food and medicine and with attention when she can (the most touching part of sponsorship!)

We got an enormous number of pictures from Svitlana. Full of impressions and emotions, she told us how they had spent a day together.

For Jack not to be bored, she took his open-air cage neighbour with her.
Just imagine how happy the dogs were!

The girl spent almost the whole day out with them, brushed them; they walked in the fields and bogs and had lots of fun!

Svitlana couldn’t help her positive emotions and promised to visit the dogs again soon.

Sponsor a dog from our shelter is simple, cool and important. In fact, it is the same way to help a stray dog without taking them from the shelter.
Jack’s friends can be found here

To sponsor a dog you simply need to apply at the website pressing the big green button “Взяти собаку під опіку”. Do not forget to send money, pet food and medicine for your dog in time! Sponsorship is a great way to help, isn’t it?